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Virtual Executive & Administrative Services

What We Do 

Handle All Business Correspondences

Book Trips & Make Travel Accommodations

Manage Calendar & Schedule Meetings

Perform Basic Book Keeping

*Manage Social Media Accounts

Perform requested tasks as assigned.  

How You Benefit


Spend more time focusing on doing great business and delivering quality service to your customers and clients. 

Peace Of Mind 

Delegate your administrative tasks and rest assured that all clerical channels are covered. 

Boost Productivity 

Reduce your workload and increase your productivity by focusing your attention on areas that will grow your business. 

Designated VA

Schedule direct meetings with your personal Virtual Assistant weekly or monthly. Your VA will always be a call, chat, or video away. 


We honor our word and move with integrity. We keep the best interests of our clients at the forefront of everything we do. We protect your best interest. Always. 

We effectively communicate by asking the right questions and keeping all channels of communication open. 

We follow through, complete our tasks, and provide quality service in a consistent manner. 


Admin Package


(20 Hours Minimum Required) 

  • Correspondence Manager
  • Booking & Scheduling 
  • Calendar & Travel 
  • Basic Book Keeping Services
  • Other assigned tasks
Media Package


(20 Hours Minimum Required) 

  • Includes The Admin Package
  • Social Media Management
  • Copy Write Creation 
  • Website Management
  • Other assigned tasks 
Executive Suite


Yearly Rate
(20 Hours Minimum Required)

  • Includes Admin Package 
  • Booking & Scheduling 
  • Calendar & Travel 
  • Basic Book Keeping Services
  • Other assigned tasks

6 Easy Steps To Sign Up


Speak with a MBG Virtual Assistant 

Send an MBG virtual request form and set up a call with an executive virtual assistant

Discuss your business needs

Make sure we are the ideal match! We'll enquire about your business in order to develop a plan that satisfies your company's present requirements.

Select Your Service 

After our initial meeting, you'll determine which of our services is best for you. We will outline a plan, establish priorities, and create a strategy that best meets the demands of your business.

Sign Our Agreement 

Sign and accept the MBG Executive Virtual Services' terms and conditions outlining the scope of the services that are being given.


Send us the details you think we'll need to showcase your business in the best possible light. This contains login information for email accounts, calendar access, social media accounts, and other services.

Let's Get To Work  

Done! Now that all of your administrative responsibilities are being handled by experts, you can unwind and enjoy peace of mind!

About Us 

We Are MBG!

For small to medium sized organizations, MBG Virtual Services specializes in virtual administrative solutions and social media management. We offer our clients highly qualified, verified, talented, and trained executive experts who are suited to their company's demands. Our virtual assistants have a minimum of ten years of professional experience working in both corporate and private settings.

We gladly take on the labor-intensive daily activities necessary to manage a business and a personal life, giving our clients more time to successfully provide high-quality customer care, expand their businesses, and increase their profitability. You may unwind and enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your administrative and managerial channels are covered thanks to our years of administrative and managerial competence.

We take pleasure in keeping open lines of communication with our clients in order to be conscious of their needs and offer specialized services to ensure that we not only meet but also exceed their expectations! We are fervently committed to your success! Quality is more important to MBG than quantity. In order to provide quality service and give each one of our clients the necessary individualized attention they deserve, we only accept a small number of clients at a time. 


Retainer Fee Policy 
A retainer payment is necessary before services are rendered. Hours are tracked and logged up to the number of hours that have been paid for. Before the number of hours you pre-paid for expires, you'll receive a notification, allowing you the chance to go beyond your selected weekly or monthly hours. A overage charge of $20 per hour will be assessed and billed to you. 

Example, you signed up for 20 hours monthly at $25 dollars per hour. You submit a retainer fee of $500 for the month. You go over your 20 hours by 5 hours making it 25 hours for the month, you'll be billed at a rate $20 per hour for 5 hours making the overage fee $100.

Failure to pay any overage fees will result in a discontinuance of service until payment is received. 

Due Dates
Payment must be made at the time of service before any work is done.

Refund and Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation Window
You may cancel service any time up to 30 days after purchase. No refunds for the month will be issued after 30 days.

Excess Hours Refund
Any remaining excess hours over the minimum requirement of 20 hours will be refunded. For any hours under 20 hours, no refunds will be issued. Always expect to pay for a minimum of 20 hours. Refunds will not be issued for 20 hours or less. 

Example, you paid for 30 hours monthly at a rate of $25 dollars per hour. You submit a retainer fee of $750 for the month. Only 27 hours of the 30 hours you retained were used bringing your total to $675. You will be refunded $75 for the month.  
Roll Over Policy 
Hours DO NOT roll over. All hours must be used within 30 days of purchase. If you choose to terminate service for the month, you MUST inform MBG in writing via email (Billing@mbgvs.com) within 30 days of purchase in order to receive a complete refund. Failure to utilize the service after purchase will NOT result in a refund. For a full refund, no services should have been rendered and you MUST notify MBG via email (Billing@mbgvs.com) within 30 days of purchase if you wish to cancel service for the month. After 30 days, you forfeit the refund. Failure to utilize retained hours during the 30 day cycle will result in a loss of hours and another retainer fee will be required for the following months you'd like service. 

After Purchase Cancellation Policy 

Services Rendered 
If you choose to cancel service after purchase and some services have already been rendered you will be refunded for the remaining excess hours over 20 hours. Refunds will not be issued for 20 hours or less. Once a refund is requested, services will be discontinued. 

Example, you purchase 25 hours at a rate of $25 per hour. You pay a monthly retainer fee of $500. You decide to cancel service after using only 21 hours. You email your cancellation request to Bill@mbgvs.com. Your service is termed and you are refunded $25 dollars for the remaining excess hour. 

No Services Rendered 
A complete refund will be given if requested in writing within 30 days of the purchase date and NO SERVICES have been performed. If services have been provided, you will be charged for the minimum of 20 hours and reimbursed for any extra hours over 20 hours that were not used.

How hours are logged: 
The time our Virtual Assistants spend working on your behalf as a professional administrative assistant is recorded and tracked by MBG using the My Hours App. Monthly work logs will be sent via email. 

Yearly Retainer Fee 
In the event that you choose to pay a yearly retainer fee. The amount of hours for each month of the given year must be decided in advance. If you use more service hours than you had planned for the month, you will be charged an overage fee of $18 per hour for that month. Any collected overage fees are due that month. If you utilize less hours than what is reserved, only the extra hours exceeding 20 hours will be returned (due to our 20 hour minimum requirement). Services may be cancelled up to a year of the purchase date. No refund will issued after the yearly date of purchase and if no cancellation request is provided in writing and emailed to Billing@mbgvs.com

Example, you opt to have 30 hours a month for 1 year at our yearly rate of $20. That is 600 a month for 12 months. Giving you a retainer fee of $7200 for the year. 6 months in, you decide to cancel your contract, you will receive a refund of $3600 as long as it's on or prior to the date of purchase and you have informed MBG of your cancellation in writing. 

Do you offer a 6 month retainer option? 
Yes. Same policies apply. 

Billing Email
Email your billing requests and inquiries to: Billing@mbgvs.com

Breakdown Of Rates 
-Monthly & Weekly Rate is $25 per hour with minimum requirement of 20 hours either weekly or monthly. 
-Overage rate for weekly and monthly is $20 per hour. 
-Yearly rate is at $20 per hour with minimum requirement of 20 hours monthly or weekly. 
-Overage rate for yearly is $18 per hour
-6 Month Retainer is at $25 per hour with minimum requirement of 20 hours monthly or weekly. 
-Overage rage for 6 months is $20 per hour. 

At the time of sign-up a MBG representative will meet with you to discuss your individual service needs. 

Administrative Services 

Correspondence Management: Manage email accounts, respond to inquires, take calls on your behalf. 

CalendarScheduling/Booking: We will schedule, book, and confirm appointments, meetings, reservations, etc., on your behalf. 

Travel & Accommodations: We will book and manage your travel requests and itinerary on your behalf. 

Basic Book Keeping: We will perform basic Book Keeping services such as distributing invoices, tracking payments, account reconciliations, and bill payment. 

Website Management/Copywriting: Terms and Conditions, Policies, Company information, Orders Follow-up, 

Clerical Duties: Scanning, Faxing, Data Entry, Document Preparation, Template creation, Etc., 

Social Media Management:

Copywriting: We will write and create relevant social media content for your site to grow your social media presence and increase follower engagement.

Engagement: We will respond and answer the questions and requests of your followers.

Updates: We will assure your social media accounts is up to date with your companies current information. 

At this time, a required minimum hourly rate of 20 hours is mandatory in order to book a MBG Virtual Assistant. However, we do offer the option of booking a minimum of 20 hours monthly or weekly. 

Yes, you will be designated a qualified administrative professional to perform tasks on your behalf. 

Yes, an agreement will be sent via email and must be signed in order to receive service. 

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